Grafted Asian Pear Trees

Grafted Asian Pear Trees

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Asian Pears are shaped like apples but have the texture and color of pears. Very tasty with a crunch that is juicy and sweet!

No Shipping to AK, OR, MT and HI

Chojuro - Medium size round pear with skin colors of orange/brown to russet brown skin. White flesh is sweet, firm, crisp and of good quality which helps with its lengthy storage of 5 months. The fruit ripens in early to mid August.

Shinko - The most disease resistant Asian pear with fireblight resistance.  Golden bronze skin. Taste like regular pears, but have a texture like a crispy apple. Ripens in mid August - September and can store well for 2 - 3 months. This tree variety needs a second pear variant for pollination. Hardy for zones 5 - 9.

Tsu Li - Light yellow - green skin color. Reliable bearer; especially in low cold areas. Hardy in zones 5 - 10. Has the original pear shape. Flesh is firm and juicy with a distinct aroma and with a sweet and trace of tart taste. Harvest in mid to end of August. Can store for a very long time.

Korean Giant - Very large, round size fruit (size of a grapefruit!!) and can weigh more than a pound! Brown in color. Has a crispy sweet and juicy taste. Ripens in October - November. Can keep its flavor up to 6 months in storage!

New Century - Yellow golden, medium size round fruit. Excellent and very sweet flavor with a creamy white flesh.