Grafted Apple Trees
Grafted Apple Trees

Grafted Apple Trees

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These apple trees were grown onsite here in our Nebraska nursery.  These will be sent as bareroot trees when dormant in the Fall of 2021.  Fall is a great time to plant trees as the roots will grow down and establish in preparation for the winter.  These will be shipped to you in a cardboard box with moist media surrounding the roots for protection and safe shipment.  

No shipping to AK, OR, MT or HI

Apple descriptions:

Blairmont: Cream yellow with rose blush and sweet taste, natural resistance to fungal diseases.

Brown Snout: England in the 1850s, Traditional English cider apple, good disease resistance, late ripening, hardy to zones 4 - 9  

Calville Blanc d'Hiver: Winter apple, possibly from France, 16th century, dessert or cooking apple, large pale green fruit, good keeper, zone 4

Duchess of Oldenburg: Late summer, Russia 1750, round red striped fruit, scab resistant, very cold hardy to zone 3

Freedom: Late apple, modern disease resistant apple, versatile for fresh eating and baking

Hauer Pippin: 1890s Santa Cruz, good disease resistance, Large tart apple, highly productive

Jonafree: Medium size, bright red, less acid, keeps 10 weeks, late season harvest, some susceptibility to cedar apple rust.

Karmijin de Sonaville: Vigorous robust flavor, tends to bear biennially.

Liberty: late summer apple, possibly the most disease resistant apple known, dessert apple or sweet cider, zone 4

Lubsk Queen: White skin with splashes of red.  Flesh is a firm juicy tart flavor. Early apple.

No Name Apple (tag missing):  We aren't sure what variety these are but take a chance for a discount! - $15

St. Lawrence: Thought to be a Fameuse seedling, visually distinctive with red stripes.  Good for fresh eating and sauce.

William's Pride: Early ripener, dark red apple with a sweet rich and spicy flavor, resistant to apple scab. Good pollinator for other varieties.

Wynooch: Early large apple.  Sweet and tart flavors.  Good for fresh eating.