Grafted Medlar Trees
Grafted Medlar Trees

Grafted Medlar Trees

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Medlar has been described as tasting like rich applesauce with hints of wine.  This was a fruit that was very popular in the middle ages. The Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne required medlars to be planted in all of his estates.  Shakespeare mentioned the fruit is several of his plays.

They are smaller than other trees we have for sale, and were grafted low on the rootstock so that the graft union can be planted below the ground.  This is due to the fact that Medlars have weak graft unions and so will need to form their own roots rather than rely on the rootstock.  

Hardy zones 5-8

Variety Information:

Monstrueuse de Evreinoff Medlar - Very large with 3" fruit. Well balanced flavor. Developed near Motauban France.

Nottingham - Has been noted as the best tasting Medlar. Self-fertile.  Blooms in late spring with large flowers that look like single white roses. Has a mild flavor similar to a pear. 

Large Russian - Rare medlar variety that dates back to the time of King Henry the 8th. Large dark brown fruit is good for fresh eating or preserves.