Grafted Pear Trees

Grafted Pear Trees

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These grafted pear trees are 3-6 feet tall bare root varieties.  

Ayers: Upright pear growing up to 25 to 30 feet tall.  The tree is fire blight resistant. The blooms are partially self-pollinating.  The flesh is smooth and melting with a very sweet flavor.  Ripens late July to early August. Zones 5 - 8. 



Maxine: Heirloom pear found in 1930 in Ohio.  Upright growth habit and is fire-blight resistant.  The pear is firm without grit cells.  

Moonglow: Vigorous, upright growing pear that stores well and has a mid harvest season. The tree is fire blight resistant.  This variety has large fruit with a juicy, subacid flesh which has very few grit cells. Moonglow is a good pear for fresh eating. Zones 5 - 8.