Grafted Plum Trees

Grafted Plum Trees

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We have the following grafted plum cultivars:

No Shipping To: AK, AL, AR, CA, CO, HI, ID, LA, MS, OR, WA, MT

Damson: Heirloom plum with a rich tangy flavor and dark blue fruit.  Vigorous and hardy tree consistently bears heavy crops.  Self-fertile and hardy to zone 5

Elephant Heart:  Very large dark-red plum developed by Luther Burbank.  Excellent for eating fresh.  Grows well in arid climates.  Hardy to zone 5

Green gage: Very sweet and juicy average size green fruit.  The tree sets a heavy crop.  Self-fertile and cold hardy to zone 5

Hative: Juicy plum with a mild flavor.  This is great plum for eating off of the tree.  The fruit is blue.